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We desire to see all that God has for us, and
we know His Spirit will empower us to
do the work so we can multiply and accelerate!

Find a team or two to join at Potter's House.  When you serve, you are planting seeds for immeasurably more in your life and God's Kingdom! 
Each team/ministry at the Potter's House that has a place for you to serve is listed below. Check out the descriptions and see what you are passionate about!
    THE BEREAVEMENT TEAM plays an important role in ministering to families grieving from the loss of a loved one. By extending sympathy and a heart of concern in their time of loss, people on this team are able to help show the love and comfort of Jesus. FREQUENCY: This will be approximately every other month, on a rating schedule within the group. Qualifications/Skills Needed - You will need to be able to call people, and or send a sympathy card, after someone has a loss in their family. Training - There will be a brief training to go over guidelines and expectations for team responsibilities. This can be done in-person or over the phone during office hours. Personal Expenses? - You will be responsible to purchase the sympathy cards and postage. MINISTRY LEADER - Shayna Newsom EMAIL -
    THE CARE TEAM shares the love, comfort and presence of Christ with people in hospitals, care facilities, and their homes to encourage them and bring care during their time of need. Team members make visits and phone calls, as well as pray with these church members. MISSION STATEMENT - A ministry that takes the presence of God to broken and hurting people. Meeting them where they are and helping them to experience God’s peace, love and provision in their lives. POSITIONS: Hospital Visits, Nursing Care Facility Visits, Shut-in Visits, and Making Phone Calls FREQUENCY: You can choose what days of the week/month you are available to serve. Hospital and Care Facilities - Visits and phone calls are made on an as needed basis whenever someone from PH is in need. Shut-in Ministry - Visits and phone calls to PH shut-ins can be scheduled by contacting the person they are visiting and setting up a time to visit/call. Qualifications/Skills Needed - Those that have compassion for those in physical need, have the ability to be a good listener, and encourage and pray with people will be a blessing to those they minister to! Training - There will be a time of instruction and training with the Care Pastor on how to make hospital and home visitations. You will also learn how to use the report form in Google to report your ministry activities. Personal Expenses? - While making visits, you will be responsible to provide your own transportation. Also, some hospitals may charge for parking. Age Requirements - This ministry is for those who are 18 years and older. Those under the age of 18 may be accompanied by a parent/guardian. MINISTRY LEADER - Pastor Bobby Smith EMAIL -
    THE CONNECT CENTER is a critical part in making First Time Attenders welcome to the church. Located in each lobby before and after services, this is a place for smiling faces to receive people’s information, provide a gift and help people get connected to all of the amazing things God is doing at the Potter’s House! FREQUENCY: Once a month is preferred, but this can be flexible. Qualifications/Skills Needed - This position is best filled by those who are outgoing, enjoy meeting new people, and seeing them get connected to the church. Training - The ministry leader, or someone else that serves within this position will show you how to set-up and tear down the table/sign, process First Time Attenders, and provide what information should be shared with those looking to connect. This will happen on your first Sunday, or the Sunday before. Personal Expenses? - There is no personal expense - just your time and kindness! Age Requirements - This position is best for teenagers and adults, but a parent and child team can work too! MINISTRY LEADER - Pastor Damaris Oldfield EMAIL -
    THE FUNERAL MEAL TEAM helps to prepare and/or serve meals for families in the church who have lost a loved one. In this way, we are able to minister to the families in their time of grief for the funeral meal hosted at the church. FREQUENCY: This varies, but is approximately 3-4 times a year. AREAS TO SERVE: Cook a Side Dish, Bake a Dessert, Help Serve the Meal Qualifications/Skills Needed - You will need to be able to cook or bake and bring the food to the church for serving. Training - There are several teams for meal prep. Each team has a ‘captain,’ and this person will contact you to provide details and instructions. Personal Expenses? - If you are cooking, you will be responsible to make a side dish, and/or dessert, and bring it to the church at the time of the funeral. MINISTRY LEADER - Shayna Newsom EMAIL -
    GREETERS are among the first people our guests and weekend attenders encounter as they enter our campus each weekend. The goal is to make each person feel welcome and at home. A warm smile and a welcoming word can make a huge impact in someone’s life! FREQUENCY: Serve 1 or 2 times a month AREAS: Each Entrance of the Church is Covered Before Service Qualifications/Skills Needed - Greeters should have a friendly face, outgoing spirit, enjoyment of meeting new people, and ability to hold and pass out bulletins. Training - There is minimal training for Greeters, but what needs to be shared will be on-the-job on your first Sunday. Personal Expenses? - There is no personal expense in this ministry. Age Requirements - There is no age minimum to be a greeter. People of all ages are able to be a welcoming smile! MINISTRY LEADER - Dale & Christinia Bauman EMAIL -
    THE NURSERY & PRESCHOOL TEAM has an extra special opportunity to help form and raise the little ones of the church with the love of Jesus. With multiple positions, and calendar options for serving, you will give mom/dad the opportunity to worship and be ministered to in the sanctuary distraction free, and make a lasting impact in the lives of these tiny, but mighty, hearts. FREQUENCY: Serve as often as you’re able! 1-4 times a month, for special services like One House or Camp Meeting, serve on 5th Sundays, or for Midweeks services, etc. TYPES OF AREAS: Teacher and Classroom Helper for ages 2-5 years old / Nursery Workers for ages 0-2 years old Qualifications/Skills Needed - A desire to help nurture, and see children grow in their understanding of the Bible and love for Jesus is key! Teaching backgrounds are not required, as training and weekly classroom curriculum will be provided. Team members should arrive 30 minutes prior to service for team prayer and ready to receive kids 20 minutes before service. Training - There is a team Playbook that you will be given that should be read and understood in its entirety. The Director will go over the Playbook with you. Your first time serving will be with a seasoned team member that will show you the ropes, and the Serve Coordinator will be there to assist and ready to help in any way you may need. Personal Expenses? - There is no personal expense for serving in the Nursery & Preschool - just your time and love! Age Requirements - Teachers must be 18 years of age or older. Helpers should be at least 12 years old to serve (exceptions may be made when their parent/guardian is also serving). MINISTRY LEADER - Ellie Hayes EMAIL -
    THE PRODUCTION TEAM is an intricate part of service each week, that works behind the scenes to enhance the worship experience in-person, and also helps build God’s Kingdom outside of the four walls of the church through technology. If you have technical skills, or have a desire to learn different areas of media, this team is for you! FREQUENCY: Serve 1 or 2 times a month POSITIONS: Camera, Photography, Livestream Operator, Lyrics Operator, Switcher, Sound, Lighting Qualifications/Skills Needed - Any prior media skills are great, but not needed (with the exception of sound) as there will be training for each position. Team members should be inclined to technology, have a desire to learn media ministry, and serve with excellence. Training - There is a three step process when training for this team. First, everyone observes to see how things work behind the scenes. Second, you’ll have hands on training and shadow a team veteran. Lastly, you’ll be able to operate the equipment and partner with another team member for help. Once you’re comfortable and training is complete, you’ll be ready for lights - camera - action! (Some positions may require more extensive training.) Personal Expenses? - Team members should provide a pair of AirPods/headphones for team communications during service. Also, some positions require operators to wear all black clothing, and you may need to purchase appropriate attire. A free Production Team shirt will be provided! Age Requirements - There is a minimum age requirement of 13 years old. MINISTRY LEADER - Andrew Hayes EMAIL -
    PH KIDS is the place for both crazy fun and encounters with God. This group of 6-12 years old are ready to be poured into from adults and leaders that want to see them cultivate their relationship with Christ, and help teach life and friendship lessons along the way. FREQUENCY: Serve 1 or 2 times a month TYPES OF AREAS: Teacher, Check-in/out, Games, Room Leader, Media, Bathroom Runners, Worship Qualifications/Skills Needed - Loving kids, knowing how to have fun, and wanting to see kids grow in their faith and have God encounters is a must. Training - A PH Kids Playbook with detailed policies and procedures will be provided for every team member. For most positions, training will be provided on-the-job on your first Sunday, or the Sunday before. Positions like Teacher and Worship will require additional training and planning with the Kids Leadership Team. Personal Expenses? - There is no personal expense in this ministry, unless you wish to bring a snack or treat for all of the kids. Age Requirements - There is a minimum age of 13 years old to serve in PH Kids. MINISTRY LEADER: Nikki Franklin EMAIL -
    THE PH KIDS CHECK-IN DESK team is the first, friendly faces that families will meet when bringing their children to PH Kids. From helping new families check-in and directing them to their classroom, to receiving regular church attenders, serving at the check-in desk is a great way to meet people and brighten their day! FREQUENCY: Once a month Qualifications/Skills Needed - In addition to having a warm and welcoming nature, skills like typing and computer basics for checking-in children are important to have, as well as dependability and promptness. Training - You will receive one-on-one training with an experienced team member that will show you the ropes! With two people being scheduled on Sundays, help is never far away for team members when needed. Personal Expenses? - There are no personal expenses. Age Requirements - There is a minimum age of 18 years old. MINISTRY LEADER - Tammy Darst EMAIL -
    PH YOUTH is more than just a place for students in 7th-12th grade to find a place of fun and friendship. It is a place for them to establish the foundation and core of their faith in Jesus. Through spiritual mentorship, serving, and building relationships, PHYTH leaders play an integral part of creating an atmosphere that students will want to be a part of. FREQUENCY: Services are weekly at 7pm, and events throughout the year. We’d love to have you serve weekly, but this can be flexible. TYPES OF AREAS: Small Group Leader, First Impressions, Game Master, Sound/Media/Lighting, Photo/Video Qualifications/Skills Needed - While there are multiple areas you can serve within PHYTH that require certain skills and training, it is most important that you have a heart for students, can communicate with them, and have a desire to see them grow in their walk with the Lord. Sound/Media/Lighting: a base understanding of one or two of these areas (training provided) Small Group Leader: an understanding of foundation beliefs and the ability to express them First Impressions: Should be inviting, friendly and very outgoing. Game Master: Engaging, fun, comfortable being on stage and speaking in front of people Photo/Video: an “Eye” for photo and video Training - Every position will have a training geared specifically for that position, as well as information/training about PH YTH as a whole and shadowing of what our weekly program looks like. Personal Expenses? - There is not a cost for participating with weekly services. There may be expenses for future PHYTH events and trips. Age Requirements - Serving in PHYTH is for anyone 20 years and older. MINISTRY LEADER - Pastor Forrest Pease EMAIL -
    PH YOUNG ADULTS is a place for building community and deepening your walk with God. With semi-monthly gatherings, there are several components needed to build these nights and provide a welcoming and spiritual atmosphere for people ages 18-30. FREQUENCY: Twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Mondays TYPES OF AREAS: Worship Team, Media, Sound, Lighting Qualifications/Skills Needed - Greeters should have a friendly face, outgoing spirit, enjoyment of meeting new people, and ability to hold and pass out bulletins. Training - There is minimal training for Greeters, but what needs to be shared will be on-the-job on your first Sunday. Personal Expenses? - There is no personal expense in this ministry. Age Requirements - There is no age minimum to be a greeter. People of all ages are able to be a welcoming smile! MINISTRY LEADER - Pastor Forrest Pease EMAIL -
    THE SAFETY TEAM is critical for creating a safe and secure environment for the church to worship in. With monitoring entrances and hallways during service, assisting with safety in the PH Kids wing, and providing first-aid in emergencies, this team is for the brave, always staying a step ahead! FREQUENCY: Serve two or three times a month Qualifications/Skills Needed - Prior safety, security, CPR or first aid experience is great, but not required, as training will be provided. This team is for those who can anticipate potential security risks, stay calm under pressure, and desire to have our campus as safe as possible. Training - There will be extensive on-the-job training with the ministry leader to learn the ins and out of the church building, understand the safety protocol for PH Kids and train in any needed first-aid knowledge. CPR training will be made available at not charge to you. A manual will also be provided with protocol and procedures. Personal Expenses? - There is no personal expense in this ministry, Age Requirements - There is a minimum age of 18 years old to serve on this team. MINISTRY LEADER - Ryan Hetsler EMAIL -
    THE SPECIAL EVENTS TEAM members are the behind the scenes heroes that make special events run smoothly at the Potter’s House. From nights like First Wednesday, to concerts, to conferences and more, there are many facets involved with events that take many hands to make light work. FREQUENCY: This is dependent upon church events, but will be approximately 1 or 2 times every other month. TYPES OF AREAS: Event set-up / tear-down, Event Registrations, Food Prep, Food Serving, Decorating, Event Facilitators Qualifications/Skills Needed - There are no required qualifications to help with the Special Events Team. People with organizing skills, food prep abilities, decorating expertise, or strong muscles for set-up are encouraged to join! Training - Instructions and schedules will be given based on each needed event. Personal Expenses? - There is no personal expense for your involvement. In the case of a paid church conference, and should team members want to attend the conference, they will be responsible to register for the event. Age Requirements - There is no minimum age, however, team members should have physical abilities to move tables and chairs. MINISTRY LEADER - Pastor Lindy Bonin EMAIL -
    USHERS play an important role in keeping the flow of the sanctuary smooth and safe for those in attendance in service. From being a friendly face, to receiving the tithe and offering, to working in the altar services, and assisting guests for needs that may arise in the sanctuary, this is a great way to be a part of services! FREQUENCY: Twice a month Qualifications/Skills Needed - With working in the altar settings, those serving as an usher should be physically capable of standing for long periods of time, and also be able to catch people who fall under the power of the Spirt. Training - This will be on the job training by seasoned ushers for two services. There is also a manual you will be given to know the different responsibilities of being an usher. Personal Expenses? - There is no personal expense for involvement on this team. Age Requirements - There is a minimum age of 18 years old. MINISTRY LEADER - Karen Davis EMAIL -
    THE PH WORSHIP TEAM is the front line that leads us in praise and worship every service. This team not only has gifted musicians and vocalists, but is built on people who love God’s presence and are passionate about leading other’s into His inner courts. FREQUENCY: 1-3 times a month on Sunday’s (depending on placement), and 1-3 Thursdays a month for rehearsals. PLACEMENTS: Vocalist (Soprano, Alto, Tenor), Musician (Keys, Drums, Electric or Acoustic Guitar, Bass, etc.) Qualifications/Skills Needed - There are auditions for the Worship Team for both musicians and vocalists. This team looks for qualified musicians who can flow in and out of several worship genres, are familiar with the Nashville Number system, that can flow in spontaneous moments of praise and worship, and have experience serving on other worship teams. This team is looking for vocalists who know how to sing parts (soprano, alto, tenor), can pick-up and sing harmonies. Both musicians and vocalists should be humble in heart and spirit, charismatic in their praise and worship, be people who thrive in community and understand the heart and calling of Potter’s House. Training - Thursday evening rehearsals, and even Sunday services, will provide the practice and information needed to bring your best for the Lord when it’s time to worship. Through the help of other team members, you will be shown the ropes and given opportunities to feel confident in what you do. The PH School of Worship curriculum is also available to those serving on the worship team. Personal Expenses? - There is no personal expense for vocalists. Everyone, except drummers, will be responsible for providing their own instrument and accessories. Age Requirements - This ministry is for anyone 16 years and older. MINISTRY LEADER - Pastor David Oldfield EMAIL -
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