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Connect Track is the front door of our church. It is your opportunity to learn in greater depth the heart of our vision, what we believe as a church, and how you can take your next steps in sharing your incredible gifts here.

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Connect to Christ.

Hear the foundations of faith, the vision of our heart as a church, and learn what Potter's House values most.


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Connect to Community.

Learn why community is important, see ways you can be involved, and how your spiritual giftings have a bigger purpose.


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Connect to the Church.

Get to know the leadership of Potter's House, discover where your purpose fits within the church, and get plugged in.

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Connect Track at Potter's House is a guide to help you connect to CHRIST, COMMUNITY and the CHURCH. With these three steps, happening during Sunday morning services, Connect Track invites you to encounter Jesus, establish purpose, get equipped with resources, and empower others through serving.

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Connect Track is offered the first three Sundays in the months of: January, March, May, July, September, November.

Steps should be taken consecutively, but can be taken in different months.


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