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One of our our eight cultures at Potter's House is COMMUNITY


Our goal is to create a space where people can find a greater sense of belonging and take whatever that next step may be in their walk with the Lord. We believe that House Groups is the place where that happens!

The early Church met daily in the temple, and each other’s homes, for prayer and breaking bread (Acts 2:46). It was in this practice of simply "doing life" together, that they built authentic community, and began to see the first testimonies of salvations, healings, and baptism in the Holy Spirit.


Take a look at one of the many House Group options and see where you can start finding community today!

HOUSE GROUP sign-ups for FALL 2022 are now closed, but there's still room to join a Group!

*The Fall 2022 semester is 12 weeks long, beginning Sunday, September 4th going through November 20th. 

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