We are thrilled that you have taken interest in joining one of our House Groups. Our pioneer groups last fall were amazing and we believe that these House Groups are going to become a vital part of Potter’s House growth as a church moving forward.

One of our commitments as a church body is to create a culture of family. Family and community is a difficult culture to set within the current church model of just Sunday and Wednesday corporate gatherings. So our goal is to create a space where people can find a greater place of community while growing into what God has created them to be. We believe that House Groups will be that space.

The early Church met daily in the temple and each other’s homes for prayer and breaking bread (Acts 2:46). It was in this daily practice of just simply ‘doing life’ together that they built a real community. And in those times of simple everyday life, they began to see the first testimonies of salvation, healing, baptisms in the Holy Spirit and other signs and wonders happening. We look forward to seeing such testimonies come out of our House Groups as well.

House Group Sign ups are ongoing through the end of February. 

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