Written by D'Antoinette Guy


More and more Christians are embracing the concept that they have been created for a divine purpose. Many are proclaiming their sense of call to some form of ministry or business for the building of Gods Kingdom. However, one question lingers; If God has created every individual with purpose, graced each with gifts and ordained vision, why are we not seeing the Kingdom of God manifest in healthy, powerful, mature, and abundant fruit-bearing outcomes?


Well, Jesus gave the answer:


...narrow is the gate and difficult is the way that leads to life, and there are few who find it. Matthew 7:14 NIV


The Narrow Gate is a work suited to both the growing believer and those who lead. Once a new believer has been discipled, this work provides a detailed explanation and encourages the believer to begin the personal work of transformation in preparation for healthy and meaningful service. For those who serve in leadership, this work will help you discover a means to identify and transform growth areas into solid qualities of excellence with which to improve mentoring and leadership skills. Everyone can utilize this work to assess personal wholeness and promote effective kingdom building.


The Narrow Gate provides a comprehensive guide and exploration into the internal work of transformation. Believers are invited to enter through The Narrow Gate to discover Gods purposes in breaking, melting, and molding believers in preparation for divine destiny. Herein is an opportunity to journey with God through the wilderness of transformation.

The Narrow Gate: Journeying with God Through the Wilderness of Transformation



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