Written by Lori Glaze


Anger. Hatred. Bitterness. Resentment. Yes, even suicide was a part of Lori's life journey. There was inner turmoil that had been fed for so long that only the Lord could bring her through. Jesus revealed Himself to Lori and showed her how to be free from the lies of Satan.

Shackles started out as her personal testimony, but then God began to show her how He has equipped each person to live life in complete freedom. Shackles is written to encourage you to walk in your divine calling as you hear the voice of God and move forward into your promised future. 

Lori's desire is to see you saved and set free by helping you: 


- Uncover the hidden things in your life allowing the Lord to help bring down your Goliaths. 


- Discover your new identity and learn how to walk in it.


- Learn how to rest in the Lord which will allow you to experience HIS peace.

Shackles: Keys to Break Open Your Shackles and Walk in Complete Freedom



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