Written by Mina R. Raulston


Have you ever been so hurt that you couldn't imagine ever being whole again? Do you know someone who is so broken that all the pieces to their puzzle no longer exist? Do you know what it feels like to have all your hopes and dreams collapse with little to no hope of ever seeing them come to fruition? Mina Raulston found herself in just that situation when she was forced to divorce her husband of fourteen years because of domestic violence. Read Ms. Raulston's compelling story of abuse, poverty, and brokenness turned to healing, deliverance, redemption, and provision brought about by the power of God in her life. If you are hurting, or know someone who is, learn from her experience how to reach out and receive God's solution to your brokenness. 

Pathway to Healing: My Personal Journey to Healing and Deliverance



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