Written by Carolyn Williams


Eager to please her father as a journalist, Connie has been dedicating herself to the biggest story of her career.  When Mr. Winthrop gets word of a series of gas explosions, he sends Connie to cover the case.  Forced to spend the night in a speedy motel, Connie is alarmed when several men try to break into her room.  She doesn't know this is only the beginning.  Very quickly Connie learns she cannot depend on her father to rescue her from the peril she finds herself in.  When she meets the owner of the gas company as well as his son, she is left with a less than favorable impression.  On her investigation, she finally meets a decent man who is willing to show her around.  But will she be able to defend herself from the murderous thugs who continue to haunt her steps?  Follow the clues with Connie in Carolyn Williams' exciting novel, Mystery in the Pines.

Mystery in the Pines



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